University at Erb NB
Kitchener, ON, Waterloo, ON | 2 Locations
Tue Sep 12, 2017 - Wed Sep 13, 2017
24 h
63°F Clear
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Location Matrix

Start / End Location12
1University at Erb NB-63.18
2University at Fischer Hallman NB65.33-
*Speed is the distance between the points divided by the travel time. This value is known as the space mean speed.

University at Erb NB to University at Fischer Hallman NB

1 to 2 | (43.45754, -80.539579) to (43.444262, -80.545055)

University at Fischer Hallman NB to University at Erb NB

2 to 1 | (43.444262, -80.545055) to (43.45754, -80.539579)
All times in (GMT-05:00) America/Toronto unless otherwise stated
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